Denia Taxis & Telephone Numbers

Using a taxi service to get around Denia, Spain shouldn’t be a hassle. If you are flying in or out of Alicante or Valencia airport, exploring the city, or venturing out to nearby restaurants and bars – a taxi is a great way to get around.

We list taxi telephone numbers, explain the best way to book and identify the problems we have experienced.

Telephone Numbers

Taxi / NameTelephoneLocation
COOP Taxi Denia965 78 65 65Denia
Taxi Denia 7652 10 20 60Denia
Taxi Denia 12653 88 62 63Denia
Taxi Denia 26634 43 79 61Denia
Radio Taxi Denia966 42 44 44Denia
TaxiCab Costa Blanca690 68 00 88Ondara
A2B Taxi Services (aka Colin)635 44 29 11Pedreguer
Denia Turismo Costa Blanca695 21 69 86Denia
Taxis Denia 25615 62 66 18Denia
Tele Taxi Pedreguer699 836 040Pedreguer
Taxi Denia 13667 58 37 69Denia

Denia Taxi Service

The secret to getting a reliable taxi service is to pre-book. If you know when and where you’ll need a taxi, it’s advisable to book in advance.

This can help ensure availability, especially during peak travel times or busy periods (festivals, or during tourist season). While most of the companies advertise that they operate 24 hours a day, you will find that as nighttime falls, there are fewer taxis available.

If you don’t pre-book, then be prepared for long wait times.

Licensed Denia taxi

Also, keep in mind that most of the taxi drivers are Spanish and so may have limited English, which can make communication difficult for non-Spanish-speaking passengers. It’s helpful to have your destination address written down to show the driver or you could use a translation app on your smartphone.

In our experience, the taxi drivers are professional, provide a safe, reliable service and the majority of journeys are conducted without any problems.

Taxi Ranks

There are designated taxi stands (with yellow painted lines on the road with the word TAXI) where you can often find taxis waiting for fares. If there are none, there should be a sign with local taxi numbers. By calling one of these numbers and telling them what street you are on, they will send a taxi for you.

Taxi rank in Denia with telephone numbers

Airport Transfers

If you require a transfer to Alicante airport or Valencia airport, it’s definitely wise to pre-book beforehand and agree to a fixed price with the taxi firm.

Several firms will provide luxury cars to allow you to travel in comfort with water/refreshments to enjoy. If you need a larger minivan-type vehicle to transport more luggage, make sure you request this at the time of booking.

In our experience, the cost of an airport transfer from Denia to Alicante airport is upwards of 100 euros – with quotes from 115 to 140 euros. Some specialist transfer companies may offer deals, we have seen some on Facebook at 95 euros.

Payment Methods

Most taxis will use a meter to determine the cost of your journey, though some will provide a fixed price fare if you ask them. So before your journey begins, it’s wise to clarify the fare with the driver. Either agree on a fixed price or ensure the meter is used accurately throughout the hire. This helps avoid any disputes regarding the cost when you get to the destination.

Licensed taxis normally have a fare card displayed in the car/minivan which will show the costs at different times of the year and during different days/times of the week (see image below). This is the rates the fare will be based on. 

taxi rate tariff

All of the taxis we have ever used have accepted cash (Euros). Nowadays, many of drivers also accept payment by credit or debit card, as they have card payment machines in their cars.

There is no legal requirement to offer a tip, though they will be super grateful if you do leave one – no matter how little or large it may be.

Ways To Book

There are various ways to get a taxi in Denia, including:

1. Calling a taxi company directly: Most taxi companies speak some English, though if you are not fluent in Spanish, you might struggle to understand them. The phone numbers for companies listed on this page should be able to help in English.

2. Online Booking: Many taxi companies in Denia have their own websites with an online form where you can book a taxi. Simply enter your pickup location, destination, and preferred date/time, and submit your booking request. They should respond to confirm the booking.

3. WhatsApp: This has been a godsend for us. When your Spanish is not great, sending a WhatsApp message to the taxi telephone number detailing the pickup location, destination, number of passengers and preferred collection time allows the driver to translate into Spanish and to respond. It then enables you to translate back to English.

Regardless of the booking method, it’s important to ensure that you use authorized and licensed taxi services to ensure your safety.

Problems With Denia Taxis

Having used many different taxis over the years of visiting and living in Denia, there are a few things we have experienced. Some of which has resulted in us staying over at friends, as we were unable to get home. We share these so you don’t have to be in the same position.

1. As the night rolls on and later into the evening it gets, the likelihood of getting a taxi reduces. Most of the taxi ranks will be empty and calling one of the taxi telephone numbers is likely not to be answered, or you will be told they have “finished for the night”.

2. If you are eating late at night in a restaurant, don’t expect asking the restaurant to call a taxi to have any more success. Several times the restaurant has called for a taxi, only for the taxi to never turn up.

3. The further out of Denia your destination is, for some reason, taxi drivers don’t want to travel. When we stayed in La Sella and Monte Pego, we asked drivers to take us from the centre of Denia back to our villa, but they have not wanted to do the trip. We got the impression it was too far for them and they only wanted to do quick local trips.

4. Breakdown in language (this was our fault). On one occasion we asked the driver in our best broken Spanish to take us to Denia Marina, expecting to be taken to Denia Port where the ferries depart to the Balearic Islands. We were dropped off at Marina de Denia (the other marina), meaning we had to walk back along to Marina El Portet de Denia.

Feel free to share this guide in Facebook groups or on other websites – as we know how hard it can sometimes be to get a taxi.

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