The Beach House – Javea

The Beach House in Javea has an enviable position in the Port of Javea. Elevated above the majority of the other bars & restaurants along the front at the port – it has uninterrupted views of the Javea coastline and the Mediterranean Sea.

Views from the Beach House bar in Javea

To reach the bar from street level there is an elevator – or alternatively, you can walk up a couple of flights of stairs.

Relaxing Inside The Beach House Club

The owners describe the decor as Ibiza meets Morocco, which rings true.

Think monochrome with a splash of muted colour, throws, oversized scatter cushions, ratan, weave and hanging lanterns and you’ll get a picture of the style.

It came across to me like being in an open-air Bedouin tent. Comfortable and relaxed.

Good Food & Reasonable Prices

The Beach House offers a standard range of drinks, from soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits, to classic cocktails + some signature cocktails. The thing that sets this bar apart from the competition is the view you have when sipping your Vino Blanco or Kir Royale – truly spectacular.

The prices are reasonable too.

The food offering is limited in a Spanish tapas style – for example, the trilogy of croquettes and the Iberian ham and Manchego platter are two of the most popular dishes.

Disappointing Service At The Beach House In Javea

We visited on a Sunday late afternoon. We went along to see a young Anglo/Spanish duo called Jack & Daisy. We arrived at 17:30, but the bar was closed.

A waiter from an adjacent bar told us it didn’t open until 18:00, so we opted for a walk along the Puerto de Javea to kill some time.

We got back to the bar at just after 18:05, rode the elevator to the rooftop and got the last remaining table in the bar.

We could only think that a queue must have formed when we were sauntering along the port road. Given how busy the bar was, I had high expectations of a great experience – but I was to be sorely disappointed.

We were politely welcomed by a waitress, who gave us cocktail recommendations and promptly took our order. Unfortunately, I was the designated driver, so I ordered water – my friend ordered a Strawberry Mojito and our partners ordered large beers.

Ten minutes after ordering, my friend noticed that our drinks were sitting on a tray on the bar.

After a further ten minutes had passed and the waitress had passed our drinks several times and continued to serve other tables, my friend went up to the bar to collect the drinks herself.

However, having now spent over 10 minutes sitting directly in the sun, the drinks were warm. The barman apologised and said they were doing their best – which seemed a strange statement to make.

It was then that we realised that there were only two members of staff working – the barman and the waitress, who were trying to serve over 40 customers ordering food and drinks.

We gave them the benefit of the doubt and thanked the waitress when she arrived with the drinks only to be scowled at. This raised some eyebrows from the couple sitting at the adjacent table.

Great Music From Jack & Daisy

We continued to enjoy the music, with Jack & Daisy singing some covers by the likes of Ed Sheeran and Coldplay along with some of their own original songs.

Jack & Daisy live music

A short while afterwards, it was time to order another round of drinks…

I sat this one out – there’s only so much “agua con gas” I can drink -and my friend opted for a Vino Blanco this time, in the hope we would be served quicker – but it wasn’t to be. 

Service Continued To Disappoint

Twenty minutes later and neither ours nor the couple beside us had our drinks.

My friends’ partner beckoned to the waitress as she walked past and she snapped at him that the drinks were coming soon. Very poor customer service.

The couple beside us said they were regulars of the bar and the service and attitude of the staff is always appalling. The only reason they still return is to see Jack and Daisy perform. 

Five minutes later the drinks arrived – without a smile or an apology, just plonked down.

So, in over 2 hours of being in the bar, we were only able to have two rounds of drinks. How much money are the owners losing in lost trade due to staff shortages and inefficiencies?

When it was time to leave, we thought it best to go straight to the bar to settle our bill – and a weird thing we noticed was that three additional staff members were starting their shifts.

Now that the band had finished their set and the bar was only a third full – why?  

The Beach House bar in Javea has the potential to be amazing, but if the only reason they are full on a Sunday evening is due to the loyal following of a band – they need to up their game.  

Oh, and don’t get me started on the toilet!

PS. If you are interested in other live bands, see our review of BASTA! Lounge Bar in Denia where Lady K and the JJ’s play.

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