Portland’s Top 5 Things To Do

Portland is one of America’s most popular towns. Tourists flock to Portland each year – and Americans are moving to the city in the great northwest in their droves. 

Thanks to its excellent local culture, Portland has been called a hipster’s paradise. The city is full of restaurants, cafes, bars, and breweries. There are also cool local clothing stores and bookshops to explore.

Let’s not forget Portland is home to some of the most incredible sports teams in the United States, including Major League Soccer’s Portland Timbers, the Women’s Soccer League team, the Portland Thorns, and the NBA’s Trail Blazers.

For an American city, Portland is incredibly accessible and easy to get around. Public transport and bike lanes make it easy to move about. There are more reasons to love Portland, and here are a few: 


Rip City has more than 40 microbreweries crafting unique beers, it probably why its known as “Beervana”. According to a Los Angeles Times article, Portland is the world’s beer capital, as it overtook Munich in Germany over a decade ago.

Some of the top breweries in Portland worth trying include Bridgeport, Deschutes, and Widmer. However, make sure to check out the smaller breweries that have less fanfare – their beers are just as tasty.

In July, Portland hosts the Oregon Brewer’s Festival, allowing visitors to enjoy the state’s beer varieties. 

The Great Outdoors

To truly enjoy Portland, you need to get outside and enjoy nature. That alone, is worth booking a trip.

Hiking, running, and cycling are all popular outdoor activities around the region. The Columbia River Gorge is a popular site for hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers.

If you want something a little more relaxed (and less strenuous), then visit Washington Park for a walk around the world-famous rose gardens. And check out the Hoyt Arboretum too!

Portland Cuisine

Apart from having top-notch local breweries, Portland has excellent food stops, from sit-down restaurants to food trucks. No matter what type of food you seek, you will find something in Rip City. Visit the Farm for veggie burgers, want a margarita? Try the local Mexican “Por Que No”.

From late-night diners such as “Le Happy”, to breakfast places to food carts selling authentic tacos, there is something for everyone every day of the week.

Farmers Market

Portland Farmers Market - things to do

Portland is home to a variety of local markets. The most popular is the “Farmers Market”, which takes place on Saturday mornings at the Portland State University campus.

The Farmers Market sells fresh, organic produce, including meats, cheeses, pastries and flowers. All of the items are produced by local sellers.

There is also a Saturday Market with over 250 sellers offering jewelry, soaps, clothing etc. and you will never be bored as you’ll find live entertainment there too.

 Cycling Portland

Thanks to the miles and miles of cycling lanes, Portland is easy to get around. Unlike many of America’s cities, Portland provides residents and visitors with the chance to get explore the area on their bikes in relative safety. If you fancy, you can ride to the inactive volcano Mount Tabor, to enjoy views of Portland from the summit.

If that sound like too much pedaling, you can ride from the waterfront to downtown to the suburbs on a bike. As you ride about, try some of the local pizza joins (Apizza Scholls) or beer bars (Bar Bar). There are bicycle rental shops around town such as Kerr Bike Rentals, and you can uniquely explore Portland while getting some exercise and reducing pollution.

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