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Kaffeklubben Island

Referred to also as the Coffee Club Island, Kaffeklubben is a tiny island off the northern coast of Greenland. Kaffeklubben is the most northerly piece of land on Earth and offers visitors an extreme destination for their next holiday.

There are gravel banks (notably Oodaaq) around the northern tip of Kaffeklubben that are regularly consumed by the moving ice sheets surrounding the area.  Some believe these are the most northern piece of land, but since they shift or become submerged, they are not considered permanent land features.

Most Active Volcano

Beerenberg, Jan Mayen, Norway

Beerenberg volcano in Jan Mayen, Norway

On the northeastern side of the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen, the stratovolcano “Beerenberg” is found. It is the world’s northernmost subaerial active volcano at 2,277m (7,470ft) high.

The Beerenberg has a mostly ice-filled crater about 1 km (0.6 mi) wide. There are numerous peaks along its rim with the highest one named, Haakon VII Toppen, on the western side.

Ice mainly covers the upper slopes. Glaciers surround the volcano, including the longest one “Weyprecht”. It flows down from the volcano’s crater to the sea below, covering around six kilometres.

Coral Atoll

Kure Atoll, Hawaii, United States

Kure is the world’s northernmost coral atoll. It is around 10 kilometres wide and is nearly circular in shape. The barrier reef surrounds a shallow lagoon and several sand islets.

Green Islands is the largest piece of land in the atoll and is home to birds numbering in the hundreds of thousands. 

Non-Human Primate Colony

Shimokita Peninsula, Honshu, Japan

The Japanese island of Honshu is the world’s northernmost cape, stretching towards Hokkaido. The cape is axe-shaped with the “handle” connecting the area’s mountains to the mainland.

The interior of Honshu is relatively uninhabited, while most people live on the coast, although there are few residents. 

The Shimokita Peninsula is known for Mount Osore, which is the mythical Japanese entrance to Hell. The Yagen Valley is famous for its hot springs, while Hotokegaura has wind-carved cliffs that resemble Buddhas. And scarily, the Rokkasho village is home to nuclear facilities.


Lukunsky Grove, Russia

The Lukunsky Grove forest in Russia is the northernmost forest in the world. The Dahurian larch is the area’s only tree species – as the native Siberian plant can live in the harsh environment. The Dahurian larch trees can grow up to seven meters tall.

There are just 268 plant species in the grove, along with 78 types of birds and 16 different mammal species. This wildlife composition tells us that the Lukunsky grove is part of a taiga and not a tundra.

The Lukunsky grove is part of a larger forest that extends hundreds of kilometres south.

Metro Station

Mellunmäki, Helsinki, Finland

Mellunmäki is a ground-level metro station on the Helsinki metro system’s northern line (Itäkeskus – Mellunmäki). It serves the district of Mellunmäki in Helsinki’s east and the city’s northern parts.

Opened in September 1989, the station was designed by the architectural firm Toivo Karhunen Oy. It is situated between the Konula metro station and the Ruoholahti metro station. Due to its location, Mellunmäki is the northernmost metro station in the world.


Saariselkä, Finland

Along with having the world’s most northern metro station, Finland has the world’s most northern village, Saariselkä. The mountainous area is a popular vacation destination for travellers.

Tourists seek out winter sports such as skiing and sledging. You can also hike the snowy mountains or spend time in the village’s spas. 

Saariselkä is located in a part of the Urho Kekkonen National Park. The soil found in Saariselkä consists of 2 billion-year-old granulite. The last of the ice age ended some 9,500 years ago in the town of Saariselkä.


Olavinlinna, Finland

Olavinlinna castle in Finland

Olavinlinna is a 15th-century castle located in Savonlinna – as is the northernmost medieval stone fortress in Finland. While there are other castles located in more northern areas, Olavinlinna is the only one still standing. 

Tourists can visit the castle to view the many exhibitions and displays, these include artefacts found in and around the castle. The Orthodox Museum showcases religious artefacts from Finland and Russia. Since 1912, the castle has held the Savonlinna Opera Festival, a must-see for opera fans. 

Post Office

Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway

The Ny-Ålesund settlement is one of the four on the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago. It is located on the Brøgger peninsula at Kongsfjorden.

Ny-Ålesund is home to up to 35 people and sadly doesn’t attract many new residents.  The only people living in Ny-Ålesund are those working for the research stations located there, for example, the Global Atmosphere Watch, or the logistics company “Kings Bay AS”.

The population of Ny-Ålesund grows to triple digits during summer as more people head north to the peninsula for work. 

Of course, the people in Ny-Ålesund need to communicate with the outside world, which means a post office is required.

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