5 Places To Visit In Seoul

National Folk Museum of Korea & Gyeongbok Palace

National Folk Museum of Korea

Seoul is filled to the brim with culture and history.  Among the many palaces around the city, Gyeongbok Palace is one of the favourite places in Seoul for tourists to visit

Gyeongbok Palace was home to kings – which makes it even more special. You can explore the fantastic cultural site on your own or with a tour guide, be prepared to be amazed by the colours and the smooth curves on the roof.

The National Folk Museum of Korea is another place to visit after exploring Gyeongbok Palace (it is next to Gyeongbok Palace). The museum is free of charge, so you can spend hours wandering around the exhibits learning more about the history of Korea.  Some say this is the best museum in the country, as it illustrates how the Korean people made living in the old days and how things have changed.

The country is far more than just K-Pop!!

Seoul N Tower at Nam San

Seoul N Tower at Nam San

Namsan (Mount Namsan) is the most famous mountain in South Korea, it is in the middle of Seoul and is a popular destination for visitors during the week. However, be prepared, because at the weekends Namsan is overrun with locals and tourists. If you want, you can hike to the top of the mountain or take the cable car (much easier), and is a great way to see the city from above.

Seoul N Tower is at the top of Namsan and overlooks the capital of South Korea. It’s best if you climb to the top of Seoul N Tower so you can get an even better view of Seoul. If you visit NamSan with a loved one, take this time to place a lock with your initials on the fencing around the tower.


Daehak-ro district

Daehak-ro is Seoul’s theatre district, and many musicals and plays take place there. Some of the theatres are small and intimate, making Daehak-ro a great place to watch shows.

Tickets are available around the theatre district. If you are travelling on a budget, you can get one for a low price thanks to the discounts many vendors sell them for (some offer up to 30% discount).

Daehak-ro is a vibrant area teeming with young people. It is a great place to spend some time even if you don’t go to a show.

Hongdae & Sinchon

Hongdae & Sinchon

Hongdae and Sinchon are two other areas full of young people due to the location of the local universities. They are vibrant parts of the city with lots of cafes, bars, and local shops – an they are cheap!

You often see street performers which makes for a memorable day or night out. Hongdae and Sinchon are always packed, which makes the areas incredibly exciting, especially after dark.

Han River

Han River

The Han River is one of the most prominent landmarks in Seoul, and so deserves to be on this list. It is the fourth-largest river in Korea – but you won’t believe how wide it is until you see it (its 1km wide).

Take time to go down the river, stopping to explore the parks on either side, as the parks are fantastic. All along the river banks, you will find pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths, outdoor gyms and cafes.

Many bridges run across the river, allowing you to walk across them to see different vantage points of the Han River. But be warned, the Han River is prone to flooding during the rainy season.

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