Experience Can Broch – Our Restaurant Guide

Our favourite restaurant by far in Denia is the Steak House – Can Broch  

Before discovering it, we would venture outside Denia for our steak meals, favouring El Gaucho on the Jesus Pobre Road (between Denia and Javea).

But we haven’t been back to El Gaucho since our first time at Can Broch.

Finding Can Broch Restaurant

Situated on the Placa les Drassanes – the main seafront road at the Port of Denia. The restaurant is set just back off the road, next door to Fuego BBQ Bar/Restaurant and adjacent to the Posada del Mar Hotel – it’s a hidden gem.

You could be forgiven if you miss it, as it blends into the surroundings (sort of).

Inside & Outside The Restaurant

The exterior of the building resembles a ranchero, which gives a nod to the excellent beef dishes they produce. 

Covered exterior seating, the roof of which can be removed in the summer months, adds to the amount of covers the restaurant can provide. 

Portable patio heaters are also available when it’s a bit chillier outside. 

The outside area is festooned with planters and shrubs to give you a feeling of being indoor/outdoor – and also forms a barrier to the passing public, for extra privacy.

Walking through the doors into the restaurant, you feel like you’re visiting the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. 

Vines of ivy hang from the ceilings and yuccas are dotted around the edges of the seating area.  A veritable oasis. 

You also can’t fail to miss the huge glass wine cellar that dominates the entrance, offering an outstanding range of wines to suit every budget.

Authentic Spanish Staff

The staff always greet you professionally and courteously. 

However, don’t expect them to speak fluent English, as Spanish is the language of the day in Can Broch. 

The same staff have been working here for years, so they are well versed in the menu and have the service off to a tee. 

We always order our usual aperitif – a glass of cava each accompanied by a bottle of still water.

Mouth Watering Food

So onto the food:

The Appetizer

The pan con tomate appetizer is simple but amazing.  Slices of French stick, served with olive oil, fresh diced tomato and sea salt – wow!

The Starter

Being creatures of habit, we always order the same dishes.  For our starters, I opt for the Foie Gras with Port & Jam and my husband opts for the Melon with Iberico Ham. 

Then it’s onto the main event – the Chateaubriand!

The Main Course

I have never tasted better Chateaubriand than at Can Broch – and the theatre that accompanies it is fabulous. 

The raw single piece of fillet is presented to you for your approval prior to it being sliced. 

Then a stand with a gas burner underneath is put on your table and a hot plate with a selection of herbs placed on top to heat up. 

The fillet is then re-presented, sliced on a platter, and placed on the table with a set of tongs, for you to cook to your own liking

The aroma from the herbaceous hot plate fills the air and as the first piece of steak is placed on the plate, the sizzle is almost deafening.  The steak is accompanied by a selection of seasonal vegetables and three sauces – bernaise, diane and chimichurri.

The quality of the steak served by Can Broch is excellent – succulent and juicy. 

We wash the food down with our red wine of choice – Enrique Mendoza Tinto Reserva, from the local bodega in Alfaz Del Pi.

The Dessert

Now for dessert – and a must for us is the Tart Tatin with Vanilla Crème Anglaise to share.

There’s a 15-minute wait, but it’s definitely worth it

It also gives a bit of time to let the first few courses digest.  It’s presented differently to other Tart Tatin’s we’ve had previously, which are usually round in shape. 

This one is shaped like a rectangle with the apple very finely sliced within the tart. 

The fine filo pastry melts in the mouth as the crème anglaise soaks into it.  The apples are fresh but sweet – delicious.

The Bill Is Worth It

Considering the quality of food, wine and service – it isn’t overly expensive. 

Including the tip, it’s usually around 120 Euros. 

So maybe not somewhere you would go for a cheap bite to eat, but it’s definitely the best choice for special occasions or if you want to splash out.

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